Space and impact of place is the undercurrent of Susie's work. Re-establishing connections to country, reflecting on impact of erasure of Indigenous narratives throughout Victoria and Australia, as well attempts to reconnect within this fragmentation thread through my non-fiction, reviewing and poetry writing practices. Locating the personal and reactive in artworks or practices, responding emotionally to people, experiences or surroundings, uncovering untold histories is an intentional part of this re-connection.

In her professional practice as a digital producer currently at Sydney Opera House and previously at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, she has created digital projects such as podcasts and interactive websites, expanding her thinking about the agency digital technologies afford Indigenous communities. Through her writing practice she is currently investigating ways to bring these practices together: intimacies and lyricism of poetic and written forms, how they might intersect with political implications of digital technologies.

Recent publications include un Magazine, Artlink Australia, Rabbit Poetry Journal, Runway Magazine, the anthology Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia; She was recently runner-up in the Overland Nakata Brophy Poetry Prize and a highly commended manuscript in the State Library of Queensland’s 2017 Black & Write Fellowships.

Selected works:

Empowering digital innovation for Indigenous excellence Artlink Australia| June 2018 

Beyond rewriting the story: achieving indigenous sovereignty through Virtual Reality un magazine | April 2018

Two tiddas Talking Growing up Aboriginal in Australia | March 2018 

Review Nat Randall’s The Second Woman Running Dog | November 2017

Conversations Runway Experimental Art | September 2017

Two poems on Alien She (now Lor Journal), February 2016

Three Poems on Lifted Brow, September 2015

Interview on Seizure magazine, June 2015

On Paris for Writers Bloc, May 2015

Shabby Doll House, December 2014

Audio of reading for the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne, November 2014

Lifted Brow Digital vol 14 Issue 2, November 2014

Tiny Mixtapes, Dogworld Records e-book, Aug 2013

Affectionate Issue 2, Aug 2013

Voiceworks Summer 2012/13 

On Melbourne for Alt Lit Cityscapes, Nov 2012