Born in Perth and now currently living in Melbourne, Beck maintains the pace and values she developed whilst growing up in Western Australia. Taking the slow living and thinking elements of her past and integrating it into her work and life journey. 

After a few years of producing her own events, working and volunteering for youth arts organisations, Beck completed her undergraduate study in Arts Management and moved to Melbourne looking to carve out a career in the arts. Beck has since worked in a variety of organisations across the arts and culture and community sectors including Melbourne Fringe; Heide Museum of Modern Art; Human Rights Arts and Film Festival and Victorian Council of Social Service. 

Threads that link all her experience together is her continued interest in the areas of artistic and social development, mentoring, engagement and collaboration tools. Beck strives and is loyal to her commitment to being a subtle resource and advocate for  social change, cultural diversity and allowing opportunities to people that otherwise would not have access. 

Co-founding socio creative trust has provided an ongoing outlet amongst other life and work duties to continually express and make sense of the world with her sct collaborators. 

Beck is currently working for RMIT University in Student Life supporting and mentoring students to bring their extracurricular ideas to life. 

Her curiosity of entrepreneurship has led her to start Wocle, a side hustle and passion project. Wocle is female owned and operated bicycle service providing an employment platform for women to learn and work in the bicycle servicing industry. Beck seeks to channel her creativity in to Wocle. 

Beck recently completed a work team building exercise to explore the collective potential of the team and draw out connections. One of the tasks in this session was to discover and identify one own’s life and work purpose. Beck identified her’s to be meaning and inspiration.