you take the high road and i'll take the low road [sunday silence day]

everything ties to a memory. big ginger cat in the forest padding towards springtime. between snow banks, places for paws to gravel crunch safely to prey.

in new zealand a mosque massacre and here, silence. thick and dense and spacious. walking roadside and wave acknowledgement at passing cars. the passengers in their warmth, me in mine. people are blasting the internet into a body of pain. outside this window the small birds balance on the highest branch in the forest in knowledge of survival…away from the big ginger cat.

nature sends loving messages. vibrating trees to spray yes across the spaces made from tree to tree. snow melts during the morning into marshmallow blankets on the forest floor. each step. each word, each line, etching progression = CONSIDERED.

meditation as death/life. breaking the divisions. are people scared of spirituality because it is bigger than EGO? stages and I can hear Albert humming through the wall.

the difference is the atmosphere, what i see and what i feel in this environment. CRYSTAL VISION (from Mattie’s kitchen conversation this morning, snow as water = elemental). Crystal clear light, sky the colour of snow. the silence is dense, as if i could poke my finger into its reverb. sound bubble and when i work i am conscious of the shifting landscape, how to navigate this terrain. EXAMINATION.

giving things a rest. the internet is full and i’ve spent my life filling myself with words and thoughts. i am sodden like the earth & the snow into moss rock. the birds return to the big tree, diving into the nooks and crannies.


the trees shift from a whisper to a roar.