the red thread of fate : forest performance

the red thread of fate is a story with universal traces throughout many cultures including chinese, japanese, korean, jewish and others. the red thread links soulmates, they are forever connected by a red thread and upon meeting can recognise each other by the thread that binds.

i found a site in the forest near the residency, it was a few days after we’d had the last snow and following the spring equinox. there was a small clearing in the forest with mossy rocks which appeared perfect for the performance site. the rocks had naturally formed seats and ledges and held both the ball of thread and myself perfectly.

the performance was enacted privately and documented through photography on my huawei android device. it was a day of silence at the residency which added to the intensity of the site and my actions.

i started by binding myself by the wrist 7 times, seven having significance as a spiritual number and a number of creation. i then began to bind trees in the forest, again using 7 to bind and to create a sacred space within the ritual. after a meditative and deliberate binding ceremony i then sat on the largest mossy rock and finished binding myself. i bound my legs and my ankles.

to close the performance i removed the bindings and they remain in the forest.

this performance was a call out to my soul mate(s), a call out to the forest and to nature, to being grounded and supported.