about sct

The sociocreative trust is formed of four artists and friends Susie Anderson, Melissa Delaney, Beck Pope & Gemma Robertson. Currently living in different corners of the globe, the trust is inspired by the desire to connect beyond imaginable borders. SCT uses the strength of ideas and process to make their own rhythms and to create a world of value through their collaborations.


melissa delaney

For Melissa, the trust formed from a connection with the other three members after they met working at RMIT University. What at first seemed like an unlikely group, after time and working and playing together, the trust formed to bring together the valued experience and view of each of the members. In addition to a rich experience of experimental social art practice, Melissa explores wellness including meditation, nutrition and yoga which coincide with the slow movement, in food, food systems and influences the way in which she works with others. Melissa is keen to make her own time and values small moments. For her, some of the most important work happens within an intimate space.